Transforming Lives With Care & Compassion

Allen & Carmen’s Caring Hands is a caregiving company that provides in-home support to help children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities lead a rewarding and fulfilling life. We genuinely care about our clients, coworkers, partners, and community, striving relentlessly to achieve positive outcomes for all our stakeholders.

We understand that each individual is unique, has different skills and experiences, and come from diverse backgrounds. We all have something special to contribute and join hands to make this world a better place to live.


Our Core Values

We stand firmly on the core values of love, care, compassion, and integrity and highly regard our clients. We offer highly personalized services to meet the requirements of our clients while building confidence, determination, and endurance to help them overcome overwhelming obstacles in life.

Building Leaders in the Community

We are committed to providing quality caregiving plans and instill in our employees to give their best every day. We foster an environment that empowers our caregivers with the confidence, knowledge, and leadership skills to tackle all kinds of problems.

Get your child into society with popular programs catered to their needs. We offer adult-orientated programs to help merge them into society.